Welcome to Jeddah Cables Co.

Jeddah Cables Company was established in 1989 as a startup plant in low voltage Cables. Today there are four major plants with more than 50,000 tons of products and close to 800 employees operating vigorously to serve the community and satisfy customer needs. Jeddah Cable is specialized in power cables serving the utilities, contractors, O&G and various other market segments.

Jeddah Cables has differentiated itself with quality products and customer service and adaptation. The long historical experience incubated at Jeddah Cable empowers it to compete in and penetrate various markets and products. The product range varies from 1mm2 wire for automation and control to 2500mm2 HV power cables.

The manufacturing facilities ranks among one of the most advanced plants since it has undergone three phases of expansions in less than ten years. Jeddah Cables the HV segment in 2011 after a complete setup for equipment and laboratory which has put the company on the map of high tech and advanced manufacturing techniques.

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Factory :
Industrial City Phase III
P.O. Box 31248, Jeddah
21497Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 2 636 0770
Fax: +966 2 636 4695
Email: info@cables.energya.com